An Article About The Artist In Her Studio and About Her Process Written by Jenny M Gao

To Alden, inspiration and creativity feed off one another in a never-ending cycle of creation that evolves, moving seamlessly from external to internal. A true introvert she creates cut-off from the world physically in her numerous studios thought the country but is somehow seamlessly connected to the energy around her.  Once creating a piece of art in seclusion in her Hawai’i studio she started to graffiti the back of her work, about to write ‘UES,’ Upper East Side for non New Yorkers, she stopped herself and thought, why am I writing Upper East Side, when I have always lived on the Upper West Side and then stopped herself again and wrote UES, 3 days later that exact piece sold to a couple on the Upper East Side of New York.

Alden puts herself in a trance of complete intuition. It takes skill to deliberate and analyze, but it’s even harder sometimes to let go of that comfort and control– to disengage your thoughts completely. She says, ‘the moment I think is the moment I ruin a piece’. When asked whether she has any preconceived notions or thoughts before she begins she states, ‘art is a constant dialogue between color, texture, and space – I just go’. And go she does. Alden works dynamically with mixed and multimedia, engaging the visual and auditory senses. She is a multi-modalix (a word she edited to suit the body of her work) artist.

Krie Alden, A Revolutionary Idea