Spring I Summer 2014- Present, Untitled, The Tour, Where Art Leads me To..

In the summer of 2014 Alden engaged in two dialogues that changed the narrative of her work. The first, with a close friend who was sonically oriented, and who suggested Alden ‘find a way to weave together her work visually and auditorially,’ trusting she would find ‘ the right form’. The second with another friend who suggested that her ‘artistatement,’ Alden prefers it to be word, was in fact not ‘correct’. “It doesn’t tell people why you create that’s what an artist statement is,” her friend said. However Alden was tenacious about keeping her artistatement as is;  ‘this is my artistatement is my truth, these are my words, the way I write, speaks to my poetry and my heart – …..my favorite thing is to create my second favorite is to hear what people see’.  So when an opportunity presented itself to perform in Philadelphia’s edgy Fringe Festival, she suggested taking the conversation literally, and that the work would be untitled, though she would never use that word, because untitled is in fact a tile, and that people would be have an opportunity to share what they see and to WRITE what they see and how they feel, etc and from that new work would be created. Thus, giving birth to a new series of work that was both visual and auditorily.