Untitled: What You See or What Do You See

In the current, millennial culture of instant two-way dialogue, artist Krie Alden invites the viewer to tear down the walls of the traditional art experience and contribute to the process of titling and describing her artwork in real-time based on what each person sees, hears, and feels as they move through the space—the opposite of any museum or show where the viewer is a given a headset and told what everything means and why. As viewers continue to build collaborative meaning throughout the exhibit, artist Krie Alden will repurpose the space accordingly and create new work. The art “experience” becomes shared, collaborative, and participatory. The work itself and the experience change as a result of the on going dialogue between art viewer and artist until an entirely new dialogue and body of work is manifested in various forms. The show is in it’s third physical iteration at W Los Angeles West Beverly Hills.