Summer I Spring 2011- Spring 2014

Home, Again….I think

In the summer of 2011 Alden returned to New York City where she had first birthed her work as a visual and multi-media artist. In Fall of 2011 she went into the studio and laid down her first album, organically named I Love How We’ve Arrived at This, for the way in which it evolved. The album mirrored her experience to that of the Art Students League in New York – as her producers, formerly SuperBuddah, did not ask her to do anything or be anything that did not flow organically. She was able to work with them as she did herself as a visual artist and through that process created an album which reflected her dynamic personality. Alden always says, ‘I live somewhere between hip hop and folk.’ Her album was actually considered to be its own genre when it came out – her folk voice compared to Mazzy Star, her lyrical dexterity to Busta Rhythms, and the combination of the two in Hello Baby to Madonna and Lady Gaga. However, it wasn’t until she did a mash up of her own music live, to beats she created with a Africian drummer while being videoed that the new expression of her work gave birth to itself.