Art Monaco ‘15 is proud to present based multi-disciplinary artist and curator, Krie Alden. Alden is an American-born visual artist, singer-songwriter, and poet. She voraciously explores new methods of creation, with an established artistic vocabulary which includes paintings, combines, found objects, video installations, photography and performance art. Her vast and prolific collection of work is both visual and auditory and often merges the unique elements of abstraction, calligraphy, punk, graffiti, and fine art. Her work has been seen alongside Jeff Koons, Miro, Ricky Powell, and ESPO.

Her second iteration of her interactive show Untitled: What You See or What Do You See during Art Basel Week in Miami during Spectrum Miami, focused on the relationship between art and the viewer’s perspective, specifically challenging the traditional experience between viewer and artist. Alden looks forward to sharing her work with and continuing the dialogue between artist and viewer in a more ‘traditional’ but equally dynamic setting.      Photo Credit: Fausto Palafox