Spring 2010 – Spring I Summer 2011

Reveling and Reckoning

*This title is borrowed from one of the artists greatest inspirations, Ani Di Franco, and her Album Reveling and Reckoning

Where words started to appear in the acceptance of her own voice.  The large expanses of open space surrounded by 10,000 lakes was a solid space for the artist to move between mediums. This time frame encompassed one of the largest ‘wide births’ of work across many mediums- large paintings, including works spanning eighteen feet by nine feet and nine feet by nine feet, an “army of mannequins,” literally an army of found objects, song-writing, the compilation of her 365 page poetry book, and the improvisation of setting up her first multimodality environment – something that she would realize later was birth to yet another aspect of her wide artistic vocabulary.

There was a grounded-ness and a beauty that Minnesota offered that brought her back to her roots and in that stillness she was able to flower – her work became both more multi-dimensional and evolved and yet harkened eerily back to her earliest work in New York. It wasn’t until she moved back to New York City, after living in Minnesota and visiting Spain for the Sonar Music Festival, that another body of work emerged – her music which would later birth the soundtrack of her life- though silent.